Water damage is a serious issue and even the smallest delay in water damage repair will cause more damage at a higher financial cost. Water damage can take place at any time through major disasters like floods or minor problems such as washing machine leakage. If left unchecked, seemingly minor water damage leads to huge structural damages. Water damage has an invasive nature and results in other problems like mildew, mold, rot and encroachment. Therefore we understand the importance of prompt and timely service.

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  • Within no time polluted water can spread in other areas polluting them as well
  • Furniture and other item in home or business may leave stains on surfaces and carpets etc
  • Permanent damage within minutes include damage to moisture-sensitive places
  • Documents and other paper goods can suffer unrestorable damage.


  • Furniture starts de-shaping, it may swells and split.
  • Wallpaper may start losing grip
  • Bad odor due to microbes’ growth may become prominent.


  • Appearance of mildew and a distinct musty odor.
  • Doors may start swelling.
  • Rust on metal
  • Instruments like pianos etc may suffer swelling due to moisture.


  • If left unattended mildew can cause permanent damage to wood, natural fibers, paper etc.
  • Overall household contents may suffer irreversible loss.

Clean water damage may result from icemaker lines cracking, hose breaks and water tanks bursting. It needs simple restoration procedure which starts from inspection and assessment and later on lead to water extraction. As every water damage restoration procedure it needs content restoration, floor and sub floor inspection, carpets removal, drying, mold treatment and dehumidification and any related claims and salvages etc.

Gray water damage may result due to water flow from water beds, malfunctioning of any sort of appliances or broken aquariums etc. As the water contained in these items is contaminated therefore it requires some additional care and concern when it comes to restoration procedures. Other than basic procedures it becomes important to identify the level of contamination caused by the damage. Floor damage intensity and restoration cost is also estimated because contaminated water may cause damage more than visible. Disinfectants are applied all over the place to avoid other unharmed areas to get polluted. Baseboards removal becomes necessary to see the level of damage occurred to the area and proper drying procedures are carried out to make sure no water stays in the affected area as otherwise it may cause severe damages later on. To claim the damage on site meeting with insurance company reps becomes vital.

Black water damage is the most contaminated and severe form of water damage. It may be caused due to toilets overflows and floods. It needs special consideration because associated health hazards are too intense. Detailed inspection becomes important and special care has to be taken by the staff involved in restoration. Sometimes controlled demolition becomes necessary to completely remove the effects of black water damage, special environmental testing and biocide treatments also become important.


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